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Real-Time, Cold Chain
Information System

Analytic and customized data
mining per single and
accumulative shipment transactions

Single and multi-segment
shipments with a single tag

Enabling FEFO (first expired first out)
inventory management

Multi Segment, Real Time, Cold Chain Perishable Information

Proactively monitoring, analyzing and disseminating perishable quality data — at every step of the cold supply chain!

Place the disposable Xsense® HiTags in any perishable product package and start gathering valuable quality information throughout any or all segments of the cold supply chain — with continuous transmission of online alerts and information, or collecting vital data offline for future analysis.



Fresh Produce

Reduce risks to fresh produce quality
by providing decision makers with real-time
monitoring information.
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Ice Cream

Minimize melting, changes in flavor and
color, changes in texture and
smoothness, and package disintegration.
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Increase integrity, efficacy, quality and safety of pharmaceutical products by ensuring proper temperature control during storage and transport.
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Milk & Dairy

Minimize souring, unpleasant taste and odor, texture and appearance problems, aggregation, color changes, pH reduction, and health risks associated with bacterial growth.
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Reduce unpleasant odor, color and texture changes as well as microbial health risks such as Vibrios, Clostridium botulinum and Listeria monocytogenes.

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Meat & Poultry

ֲ Minimize shrinkage, rotting, trim loss, unpleasant odor, color and texture changes, as well as health risks resulting from microbial contaminants such as Salmonella, E. coli and Listeria.
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The Xsense® System

Complete end-to-end automatic and continuous cold chain data management — collection, transmission and cloud based analytics for enhanced control and insight
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Data Collection

Disposable wireless RF sensors automatically collect online and offline perishable data from within cartons, pallets and trailers

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Data Transmission

Fixed, vehicle mounted or portable communication units relay all collected data to the Xsenseֲ® cloud

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Decision Support Information

Real-time monitoringֲ and alerts, sophisticatedֲ reports and analysis of perishable quality information via 24/7 Internet access anytime, anywhere.

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Decision Support Information

The Xsense® platform offers sophisticated and customized data mining, high quality analytics, and an array of reports for customers, insurance, government, and multinational organizations. It also provides cold chain logistic (CCL) scoring, pallet-at-risk (PAR) annotations, and service benchmarking.

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