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BT9 is an end-to-end, real-time cold chain management (CCM) solution provider. Its Xsense® CCM technology is currently used around the globe by large as well as small-medium companies.

BT9’s Xsense® system is one of the leaders in providing a holistic approach to cold chain management. It proactively monitors, analyzes and disseminates relevant quality data and recommendations throughout the entire cold chain. It provides visibility for all cold chain stakeholders into the conditions in which perishable products are being stored and transported —from the producer to the store shelf. Automated analytics and reports provide customers with the tools they need to identify cold chain problems and take corrective actions to maintain quality, reduce waste, streamline logistics, and enhance profitability. BT9 works with its customers to develop innovative, customized solutions that will further maximize supply chain performance.

BT9 is privately held and employs a team of multidisciplinary professionals with industry and subject matter expertise spanning life sciences, agronomy, plant physiology, embedded and software applications technology, data analysis and logistics. BT9 maintains a global network of technical and sales support partners.


Complete perishable cold chain monitoring and information system, based on real-time or offline end-to-end tracking of temperature, relative humidity, dew point and location

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Continuous wireless data transmission and profiling of temperature fluctuations throughout the supply chain. Guiding improvement and accountability in all parts ofֲ the supply chain

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Assuring the viability of a product’s desired environmental conditions from start to finish

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