How Xsense® works for you

Our advanced technology, together with our experience and expertise in supply and cold chain management, allow us to provide highly-effective support services and customized solutions.

As a result, our customers deliver consistent high quality products and benefit from improved operations and increased return on investment.

Professional Services

Customized Analytics, Reports and Consulting

Xsense® Custom Analytics

Custom analytics from Xsense® data


Anyone using Xsense® that requires specialized data mining and reports

Added Value

Increased insights in order to reduce costs, increase sales or improve operational processes


Provided by Xsense® analytics team, highly experienced in data mining

Xsense® Consulting

Special expertise in developing best practices for logistics, packaging, or post-harvest handling.


Anyone using Xsense® that may require specialized expertise in developing standardized operating procedures or best practices to ensure consistent results

Added Value

• Raising the customer’s level of confidence that Xsense® is providing reliable, consistent inputs
• Knowledge transfer
• Expert advice


Extending the value of the technology

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