How Xsense® works for you

BT9’s multidisciplinary team of experts brings together highly experienced professionals in all the areas relevant to cold chain supply management: life sciences, statistics, plant physiology and pathology, chemistry, biology, logistics, and refrigeration engineering. Our customers around the globe benefit from world-class, 24/7 support that helps them meet their quality objectives, improve operations, and increase profitablity.

Our professional services include comprehensive field technical support, sophisticated data analysis, innovative application solutions, and device management support.

Pre-Cooling Process Support

Pre-Cooling Process Support

Pre-cooling — the quick removal of heat from freshly harvested produce — is a key component in maintaining the quality of fresh produce.

BT9’s cold chain logistics and support team has the expertise and experience to provide consultation and solutions for the efficient usage of pre-cooling systems, including:
• Vacuum coolers
• Hydro-vac coolers
• Forced air tunnels
• Shower or bath cooler
• Refrigerated storage rooms

Proper usage of pre-cooling technologies coupled with correct usage of BT9’s Xsense® HiTags will contribute to optimum shelf life and facilitate an inventory management transition from First-In-First Out (FIFO) to First-Expired-First-Out (FEFO).


Efficiency of Pre-Cooling Process

The BT9 cold chain logistics and support specialists are not only up to-date with the latest cooling technologies and processes, but have also comprehensive and extensive knowledge in Fresh Produce (physiology and pathology); Dairy Products (the pathology in Cheese and Yogurts); Ice Cream and Chocolate (crystallization and texture); Meat and Poultry; and Sea Food.

Cycle undershooting
Not reaching the optimal temperature

Cycle overshooting
Energy waste

Achieving the optimal process Using the Xsenseֲ® to halt at the desired temperature

This knowledge is most critical when applied in our Xsense® Cold Chain Scoring System and Xsense® Nutritional Degradation Scores – all information is generated to bring value to you and any stakeholder in your supply chain.

Cold Chain Technology Support

Cold Chain Technology Support

BT9’s professional training and technical support team provides initial and ongoing support in the implementation of the Xsense® HiTags usage within the different segments of your cold supply chain — helping you attain and enforce optimal cooling uniformity in all relevant environments, from precooling systems, to trucks, to cold storage rooms.

Our Xsense® experts work with QC managers and other relevant supply chain managers to identify and troubleshoot detected patterns of risk to quality and food safety. Our highly experienced multilingual and multi-disciplinary team is always ready to assist you in selecting the right solution for your specific requirements.



BT9’s experienced statistics and analytics experts can provide customized cold chain data analysis, data interpretation, and reports in easy to read graphic and table formats.

Our statistical expertise and experience provide critical value to you and your supply chain stakeholders in the development of correlation studies, cause and effect evaluation, Cold Chain Scoring, Nutritional Degradation scoring, Freshness scoring, and Pallet at Risk assessment.



BT9’s experts can assist you in comparing and assessing the quality of service you are getting from your supply chain providers in order to help you mitigate risks to perishable product quality as well as enhance your ROI from these services.

If the benchmarking process identifies weaknesses in your supply chain, the BT9 team can also assist in planning the changes that will improve the efficiency of your cold chain processes.

A global company, BT9’s Xsenseֲ® system is at work in hundreds of supply chain companies, providing valuable cold chain supply intelligence to the food and pharmaceutical industries.

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