How Xsense® works for you

system layout – Data Collection

The Xsense system is a cutting edge technology for monitoring temperature and relative humidity conditions of products and transmitting the collected data along the supply chain to all relevant stakeholders.

With a press of a button the Xsense® HiTags begin monitoring each and every step of the cold supply chain, automatically and wirelessly transmitting perishables temperature, relative humidity (RH) and location devoid of any human interaction, thereby minimizing chances of data tampering.

Xsense® is designed for simple installation and “click-and-go” activation. After placing the disposable Xsense® HiTag in the center of a product package, it continuously gathers perishable data from inside the package throughout single or multiple segments of the cold supply chain transmitting online alerts and information as well as gathering vital offline data for future analysis.

Disposable wireless RF sensor tags (Xsense® HiTag Sensors) collect perishable temperature and relative humidity (RH) data from within cartons, pallets and trailers enabling real-time, online corrective action as well as perishable transit data history logging.

Complete, single and multi segment cold chain monitoring
with a single Xsense® HiTag

Xsenseֲ® HiTags automatically monitor perishables temperature, relative humidity (RH) and location gathering real-time information throughout the cold supply chain from within storage facilities, cold rooms, docking and loading areas, in transit and in retailer facilities, stores and supermarkets. Xsenseֲ® tags automatically send real-time alerts when any immanent risk to quality and to safety accrues – every step of the way.

Xsense HiTag’s RF Sensors

• Disposable RF Xsense® HiTag sensors
• Automatic wireless data collection and transmission directly from cartons, pallets and trailers
• Effective elimination of “Hot” and “Cold” Spots
• Data history logging
• Monitoring temperature and relative humidity (RH) and location in a large variety of applications
• Various sampling Interval ranges

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