How Xsense® works for you

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Decision Support Information

Xsense® is complete end-to-end cold chain information, continuously collecting and transmitting perishable data offering real time viewing & control of perishable information via Internet access, 24/7 – Anytime, Anywhere!

By continuous multi segment monitoring with a single Xsense® HiTag, Xsense® creates valuable decision support information, increasing perishables quality and freshness, cold supply chain efficiency and inventory management.

• Web based real time full cold chain viewing & control of perishable information via Internet access
• Real time alerts and notifications allowing real-time corrective actions
• Data Mining, high quality information based reports
• Cold Chain Logistic (CCL) scoring
• Real time monitoring
• Logistic benchmarking

Large assortment of cumulative real-time and historical reports

High quality, sophisticated web based information and reports for benchmarking and risk mitigation: Warehouse & DC reports, Facility refrigeration & RH reports, Cold Chain Logistics (CCL) Scoring, Pallet at risk annotations, Data mining based reports for insurance, government and mega-organizations, Segmented pallets history reports, Improved inventory management information, Insurance claim reduction, etc.

Real time alerts and
corrective action

Xsenseֲ® offers real-time alerts enabling on-line indications of temperatures below or above set temperatureֲ thresholds enabling immediate corrective action reducedֲ waste and minimized risks related to quality & food safety while extending quality and freshness.

GPS produce location
and status map

Whenever real-time monitoring is elected perishables are monitored and tracked throughout transit sending GPS location and status map letting you know the location of your product as well as the conditions it is in.

Full cold chain
information view

Full cold chain view enables single and multiple segments monitoring and viewing of perishable cold supply chain information, improving both cold chain transparency andֲ visibility to all stakeholders (e.g., shippers and receivers)ֲ of the supply chain.

Data mining, information
analytics and benchmarking

Xsenseֲ® offers high quality analytics and customized data mining per single and cumulative shipment transactions along with benchmarking capabilities and recommendations increasing supply chain efficiency and revenue.

Automatic arrival notifications with cold chain logistic scores (CCL) and pallet at risk (PAR) indications

Xsense® automatically sends arrival notifications with cold chain logistic scores (CCL) and pallet at risk (PAR) indications as soon as a shipment arrives at its destination. Each notification includes specific pallet data letting you know what condition your products are in even before opening the containers’ doors.

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