How Xsense® works for you

iconֲ Fresh Produce

Fresh produce are subject to an extensive range of quality problems such as decay, microbial contamination, abnormal or irregular ripening, chilling injury, appearance issues, loss of nutritional value, and shrinkage.

The cold chain logistics required to guarantee the high quality of delicate produce must be carefully monitored and managed. Any break in the cold chain can have a severe impact on produce quality. Statistics show that from harvest point up to the retailer shelf approximately 30% of fresh produce could possibly be wasted or its quality compromised.

The cold chain management of produce is further complicated by the fact that each type of fruit and vegetable has its own optimal temperature and humidity thresholds and a unique level of sensitivity to deviations from those thresholds. Special accommodations must be made for each type of produce, at every stage of transport, which often spans thousands of miles from field to supermarket shelf.

BT9’s Xsense® System minimizes risks to fresh produce quality by providing real-time or offline monitoring information to decision makers at every segment of the cold chain — facilitating immediate or long-term action to eliminate unacceptable risks.

Xsense® Benefits for Fresh Produce

Generating cold chain supply information for:
• Waste reduction
• Extending the shelf life of perishable products
• Minimization of risks related to food quality
• Improved cold chain transparency and visibility
• Efficient management of inventory

A global company, BT9’s Xsenseֲ® system is at work in hundreds of supply chain companies, providing valuable cold chain supply intelligence to the food and pharmaceutical industries.

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