We control freshness and food safety of your kiwifruits

Xsense team celebrates the end of kiwifruit harvest season 2019 in New Zealand. Xsense provides Zespri International with cold chain monitoring for quality control to ensure consumers get their kiwifruits fresh, tasty, and safe.

As international demand is growing, Zespri sold more than 167 million trays of kiwifruit in 2018/19.

“Consumers around the world are increasingly embracing healthier products and want more of our kiwifruit because they know it is a convenient way to get their daily nutrition and because it tastes great,” – Zespri Chair Bruce Cameron says.

As fresh fruits travel all around the globe to meet their consumers, food safety and quality assurance are one of the main issues. Cold chain monitoring solution Xsense utilizes innovative IoT technologies to provide

  • end-to-end visibility of ambient product conditions,
  • product risk control,
  • analytics for informed decision making,
  • food recalls minimization, and
  • cost savings by reducing food waste.

To find out how Xsense system works for your business needs, contact info@bt9-tech.com.