Xsense, your intelligent cold chain risk management tool

Cold chain risk management is not only about money. Of course, perishable products, such as food produce, flowers, pharmaceuticals, undergo much risk as they move along the supply chain. Even the smallest breakage of a cold chain may result in dramatic quality decrease and a significant level of waste. The issues like appearance changes, loss of nutritional value, chilling injury, rotting, and bacterial contamination lead to loss of saleable conditions. Moreover, it may cause product recalls due to safety hazards. Definitely, being able to spot and mitigate risks in a cold chain can save you a fortune. And what about the brand name and reputation?

When dealing with potentially hazardous products, there can be no luxury of looking down on even the smallest potential risk. Xsense will manage cold chain risks for you!

Xsense, the cold chain risk management tool

  • Risk identification is the primary and most crucial step in risk management. It takes defining possible future outcomes that may lead to losses. Xsense breach alerts and PAR™ score are made to inform you about the items at potential risk. So now you can prevent risk.
  • Risk estimation means forecasting feasibility and force of risk. For this very reason, Xsense invented CCL™ score that allows you to measure the amount of risk your perishables are facing.
  • For risk evaluation, you need to both identify and gauge risk finding its probability and impact). Arrival notifications are perfect for risk evaluation and provide all the necessary info for your informed decision-making.
  • Actually, cold chain monitoring on a day-to-day basis is a risk control tool itself. It helps you reduce risk by complying with the standards, regulations, and best practices in a cold supply chain.

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