How Xsense® works for you

icon Ice Cream

Of all frozen foods, ice cream is the most sensitive to temperature fluctuations. If not kept frozen at very close to its ideal storage temperature (-25 °C) (77 °F) throughout the entire cold supply chain, it will suffer from severe — and sometimes irreversible — quality damage such as changes in flavor and color, changes in texture and smoothness, and package disintegration. Ice cream not kept under strict temperature control may also present an increased risk of microbiological hazards.

The real-time monitoring information provided by BT9’s Xsense® system at every segment of the cold supply chain is critical to minimizing risks to ice cream quality and preventing costly wastage.

Xsense® Benefits for Ice Cream Products

• Real-time alerts to temperature fluctuations
• Measuring cold supply chain sustainability performance (benchmarking)
• Improved cold chain transparency and visibility
• Efficient management of inventory

A global company, BT9’s Xsense® system is at work in hundreds of supply chain companies, providing valuable cold chain supply intelligence to the food and pharmaceutical industries.

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