How Xsense® works for you

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Pharmaceutical products are subject to stringent regulations such as storage in accordance with Good Pharmacy Practices (GPP) and transportation / distribution according to Good Distribution Practices (GDP). It is incumbent on pharma companies to implement procedures and train employees in order to ensure proper transport, storage, documentation and receipt of drug products.

Continuous, uninterrupted temperature control and monitoring during the entire cold supply chain (including the transitions between different segments) is crucial for GPP and GDP compliance. Even a single temperature breach/fluctuation can result in unacceptable health risks and/or complete loss of product value for temperature-sensitive products such as vaccines, as well as in the transport of blood and organs for medical procedures.

BT9’s Xsense® is the ideal cold chain supply management system to ensure high-quality pharmaceutical products. It provides decision makers with the real-time monitoring information needed to document every step of a product’s storage and distribution pathway — and facilitate immediate or long-term intervention to eliminate unacceptable health risks.

Xsense® Benefits

Generating cold chain supply information for:
• Traceability and transparency throughout the entire cold supply chain
• Continuous monitoring of environmental conditions (temperature and other parameters)
• Automatic alerts to temperature breaches, allowing pre-emptive action to be taken to minimize risks

A global company, BT9’s Xsense® system is at work in hundreds of supply chain companies, providing valuable cold chain supply intelligence to the food and pharmaceutical industries.

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