NEW POST: BT9 uses tracking to help keep produce fresh

Effective monitoring of temperature, humidity and a host of other variables is crucial to effectively managing the produce cold chain. BT9’s tracking products assist growers, shippers and retailers to ensure produce arrives to customers in the freshest state possible.
BT9 is a spinoff of StePac L.A. Ltd. a company well known as a leader in MAP packaging. BT9 ֲ realized that even the best packaging wouldn’t mean a thing if the product being shipped wasn’t handled in the proper manner. They now provide cold chain tracking to over 240 customers in 35 countries. According to BT9’s CEO, Israel Ben-Tzur, that growth has been due to their value proposition: collect, analyze and provide information to their customers in order to reduce D&Ds and extend freshness and food safety.
We provide uninterrupted visibility throughout the supply chain, said Ben-Tzur. From pre-cooling to post-shipment, we can see everything. That’s thanks to the HiTag sensors that can be placed at the individual pallet level. Those sensors record vital information, like temperature and relative humidity, and transmit that information to customers in real time. Alerts can be set up so customers on both ends of the shipment are notified when conditions fall outside set parameters, so nothing slips through the cracks. But on top of the tracking, BT9 also digests the information it collects and gives customers actionable data that can save money. BT9s technology actually pushes critical data for decision making.
We have scores that are assigned to shipments based on how well logistics were handled, said Ben-Tzur. So if you see a truckload got a score of five, you can drill down to the individual pallets and see what caused that score. He gave an example of a refrigerated truck that got a low score. When the temperature logs for each pallet were analyzed, it was found that the pallets closest to the air vents were over-cooled while those pallets in the middle of the truck reached higher temperatures. The problem, in that instance, was lack of adequate airflow to distribute the cool air evenly to all pallets. That example illustrates how every piece of BT9’s system, from data gathering to analysis, can result in information that can save money, said Ben-Tzur.
We can go from the micro level of the pallet to what’s happening with an entire shipment, and we provide that information in a safe, reliable, cost-effective manner, said Ben-Tzur. We then transform that data into meaningful information within companies, between them and between buyers and sellers. For more information:
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Publication date: 11/27/2013
Author: Carlos Nunez / Sander Bruins Slot